Capex Consulting Group provides project finance and economic consulting services to a diverse range of public and private sector clients, including utilities, municipalities, state and federal agencies, engineering and financial advisory firms, and cooperatives. Our current practice areas include project in cogeneration, ethanol, water, wastewater, and solid waste, with new practice areas continually under development.

Recent Projects

Chapter 312 Abatement and Payment in Lieu of Taxes Agreement Services

Bell County, Texas
Bosque County, Texas
Delta County, Texas
Fannin County, Texas
Lamar County, Texas
LaSalle County, Texas
Tom Green County, Texas
Webb County, Texas

Capex has been engaged by the Counties listed above to provide comprehensive services on over $4 billion worth of projects while increasing our client’s revenue by over $30 million. The average County benefit from the developer’s first position is $1.4 million over ten years. Our services include development of timelines identifying all statutory requirements, preparation and management of all required public notices, drafting and adoption of required county policies and procedures, reinvestment zone designation, abatement agreement drafting and negotiation, and development of valuation and revenue models incorporating Replacement Cost New (“RCN”) of proposed improvements and investment tax credit allowances based on numerous comparable projects maintained over time.

Identification of Omitted Property, Development and Presentation of Challenge Petition on Ad Valorem Valuations of Industrial, Commercial, and Oil and Gas Properties
LaSalle County, Texas

Capex was engaged to evaluate declining assessments during the time when Eagle Ford Shale drilling and development activities were recovering. Capex compared County valuations to surrounding Counties along with commodity production and severance tax revenues and presented a challenge petition to the Appraisal Review Board. As a result of this effort net assessed valuations increased by $2 billion and LaSalle County Appraisal District installed a new management team.

Water and Wastewater Rate and Impact Fee Study and Renegotiation of Raw Water Supply Agreements
Agua Special Utility District, Palmview, Texas

Capex prepared a water impact fee study in 2014 and a water and wastewater rate study in 2019. Thereafter Capex lead negotiations with irrigation districts providing raw water that ultimately resulted in savings to the District in excess of $400,000 per annum. Support services are ongoing.

Development of Economic Incentive Structure for Medical Facilities and Local Sales Tax Development & Optimization
LaSalle County, Texas

In 2016 Capex Consulting Group was engaged by LaSalle County to develop a funding mechanism and incentive structure sufficient to attract a private sector operator of medical facilities, to include dialysis treatment and urgent care, to LaSalle County.

Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste and Natural Gas Rate Study and Long-term Financial Plan
Cotulla, Texas

Engaged by the City of Cotulla, Texas to prepare a comprehensive rate study and long-term financial plan designed to recover the operating and debt service costs associated with various capital projects. Additional services included multi-year funding recommendations on operations and maintenance and debt service reserves, the development and implementation of meter size based minimum charges, price elasticity of demand analysis, and close collaboration with bond counsel and financial advisors in order to assure compliance with covenants and revenue adequacy. The update is underway.

Water, Wastewater, and Solid Waste Rate Study and Long-term Financial Plan
Rio Grande City, Texas

Capex Consulting Group was engaged by Rio Grande City to prepare a water and wastewater rate study and long-term financial plan designed to recover the operating and debt service costs associated with a $24 million water and wastewater capital project. Additional services included the structuring of residential and commercial bulk sales rates and the renegotiation of wholesale rates assessed to three water supply corporations in the area. The study was completed in October 2008, and updates were prepared in 2013, 2018, and 2023.

Roadway Impact Fee Study and Administration of TXDOT CTIF Grant
Dimmit County, Texas

Capex Consulting Group was engaged by Dimmit County to prepare an impact fee designed to equitably recover the increasing costs of maintaining County roadways due to high traffic levels stemming from the Eagle Ford Shale formation. The fee was to be assessed based on approved drilling permits. Dimmit County engaged Capex to apply for and administer the TXDOT grant in 2020.

Water and Wastewater Rate Study and Long-term Financial Plan
Eagle Pass Waterworks, Eagle Pass, Texas

Capex Consulting Group was engaged by Eagle Pass Waterworks to prepare a water and wastewater rate study and long-term financial plan designed to recover the operating and debt services costs associated with a $105 million regionalization project. Additional services included the creation of a discounted customer class for senior citizens and disabled veterans and the development of a rate structure capable of minimizing revenue downturns during periods of above-average precipitation. The study was completed in August 2005, with the initial series of rate increases approved by the unanimous consent of the City Council. Updates were conducted in 2006, 2007, 2011, and 2016. Additional services are underway.

Development of Business Income Loss and Time Element Deductible Model, Owners Representative Services
Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers, Santa Rosa, Texas

After the 2015 mechanical failure of RGVSG's largest turbine-generator, Capex was engaged to evaluate all associated lost revenue and added costs. Capex's analysis focused on reduced exhaust steam and resulting losses in sucrose recovery and revenue. Other claim elements included increased power purchases and lost energy and renewable energy credit sales. Ultimately, RGVSG received payment for a total claim value in excess of $1.6 million.

Water and Wastewater Wholesale Rate Development and Dispute Resolution
Dilley, Texas

After successfully completing water, wastewater, and natural gas rate study for Dilley, in 2015 the City requested that Capex evaluate a $500 thousand demand letter issued to Dilley by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for perceived overbilling for water and wastewater service. Capex reviewed TDCJ's request and then performed a comprehensive cost of service analysis and contract review. As a result, TDCJ agreed to abandon the demand for payment and instead agreed to pay Dilley over $500,000 through a modified wholesale rate structure, which represented a net improvement in Dilley's position of over $1 million.