"Capex offers what governmental entities need. Governmental entities need more than just a numbers person, we need somebody with banking experience in the private sector, banking experience in the public sector like the NAD Bank (North American Development Bank), experience in negotiating with governmental agencies, but more important Capex offers a level of total commitment to their clients, and they are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and truly become a member of your team."

"Capex will not just present you a document and leave. They will meet with your local governmental entities, work with your financial advisors, with federal and state agencies such as EPA, NAD Bank, Texas Water Development Board, BECC (Border Environment Cooperation Commission) and whoever else you need to meet with. Capex, through Jeff [Snowden], makes you feel as if he has partnered until your mission is accomplished, this is the difference between Capex and other consultant firms."

Roberto Gonzalez
General Manager
Eagle Pass Water Works

"Over the years we have come to rely on Jeff Snowden and the Capex team on a number of projects. Most recently Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers were awarded a $10.2 million federal renewable energy grant. The grant was critical in solidifying our balance sheet during a particularly tough economic period while at the same time helping to retain jobs for our employees and sustain the economic viability of our community. Jeff and his team stepped in and identified the opportunity, analyzed the grant requirements and assured that a very complicated application process was brought to fruition. The expertise and experience that Jeff offered was critical in assuring the multi-month application process was completed in a timely and accurate manner in order to comply with demanding federal guidelines. In no small measure to Jeff's work these federal funds allowed us to keep our doors open and keep the business operating."

Steve Bearden
President and CEO
Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers Inc.

"Ultimately the people who we work with are those able to meet our objectives and Capex has always exceeded my expectations. I will work with Capex because I know they will get the job done."

Adrian Montemayor
Utilities Department Director
City of Laredo

"Rarely, if ever, do you find an individual and firm with the complete package. Jeff [Snowden] and the Capex Consulting Group are the complete package. Whether it is a back of the envelope feasibility analysis or a detailed economic study in support of multi-million dollar projects, Jeff has delivered for me each and every time over the past 12 years I have known him - from the one million dollar project to several tens of millions of dollars in funding. My project successes are due in no small part to the work of Jeff Snowden and Capex and my clients love them."

Keith P. Kindle, P.E.
Vice President
Turner Collie & Braden